Onlyfans png logo

Onlyfans png logo

Score: 7/10

Onlyfans png logo is one of the most familiar logos along with grown-up subscription-based platforms. Onlyfans website was established in 2016 by Tim Stokely in the United States. NB! Onlyfans changed its logo at the end of 2021. You can download the new logo for your own personal project in a high-quality transparent format below.

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My rating for Onlyfans logo design


First of all, I will note that this rating is based purely on my personal thoughts as graphic designer. The overall rating according to the logo layout and design I will give it a rating 7 out of 10.

Logos play a critical role in shaping how we consumers understand and remember any company or brand identity. It is must have to have understandable design and clean look.

Onlyfans original logo Full colors Onlyfans grayscale logoGrayscaled
Onlyfans sepia logoSepia Onlyfans invert logoInverted

Tutorial on how to change any image colors with CSS > Visit W3School

Onlyfans logo colors

Onlyfans logo has a clean wordmark look and has cerulean lighter blue with a little bit darker blue colors mixed together. This makes it very eye-catching.

Is it a transparent logo?

Yes, all the Onlyfans logos you can find on my site are transparent, well compressed and easy to use on any of your personal designs and projects. You may ask why is transparent so important in web design? The answer is that transparent png files are easy to use anywhere and can be used on top of different colored backgrounds without any struggle.

When should you use wordmark logo

Onlyfans wordmark logo is perfect for projects where you can use full potential of the logo itself with all the whistles inside primary design.

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